"I just wanted to say THANK YOU again for being such a positive and supportive presence all the way from the beginning of my pregnancy until after little Augusten was brought home from the hospital!
When I first found out I was pregnant, I was over-the-moon excited, coupled with extreme nervousness.  Like anyone who has ever seen waters breaking on TV or screaming labors, the image I had in my head of pregnancy and birth was not a pleasant one!  Combined with the fact that none of my immediate family lives anywhere near New York, it was very important to me to have, alongside my husband, a strong and supportive female presence who I could turn to with questions and concerns...and also someone who I could count on to cheer me on when I was feeling moments of discouragement.  In you, I found all those things and more!
During my pregnancy, I so appreciated all the times you texted me checking to see how I was doing and feeling, our tea dates to get to know each other better, and all the helpful resources you sent along in regards to any questions I had.  
During labor, I maintain until this day that it was thanks to you that I had such a great (ok, let's even call it FUN!) labor experience!  I loved doing the yoga stretches with you pre-epidural, and post-epidural it was such a help that you reminded me to flip sides every 30 minutes, gave me leg massages, brought me ice chips, and came prepared with essentials I totally forgot--speakers for the Push Playlist, chapstick for my very dehydrated lips, and a cozy eye mask to catch some much needed zzz's before push time!
After we were home, I really appreciated you checking in to see not just how the baby was doing, but also asking how I was, too.  The post-birth experience was much more physically and emotionally draining than I had anticipated, and it was nice to know I still had someone in my corner making sure everything was okay!
Thank you so much for being such an important part of Augusten's birth story, you were truly such an integral member of the team, and I can't express my appreciation enough!  I look forward to being in touch in the years to come, so you can watch little Augusten grow up, and he can get to know his darling doula who was the always positive presence during my pregnancy and his birth!  And for that, both him and I are eternally grateful!"