Thanks to Erin and Emilie, I was able to achieve my ideal birth. 

They gave me security and support by sharing their deep knowledge and techniques about the entire process of giving birth. They helped me understand the pregnancy process, and provided emotional support to my husband and I. Nobody could understand better what I was going thru than my birth doulas. 

Five days prior to my delivery, I was having strong contractions. My doulas taught me how to soften the pain during my contractions with breathing techniques, tea recipes and body movements. 

No matter what time I was having a symptom I could call my doulas and they would direct me in what to do. The day that I finally delivered, I went to the hospital and my doula shared a meditation that calmed me while I was sitting the terrible traffic on the way to the hospital. 

Erin and Emilie shared contacts of trusted professionals specialized in placenta encapsulation and a lactation consultant. The pills were very important to help me recover during postpartum. The first four days that I didn’t have the pills, I felt depressed, emotionally unstable and had very low energy. The first day I took the pills I noticed that my energy levels had improved, my hormones were in balance and my skin was glowing. 

Thanks to my birth doulas, I had my ideal natural birth with no epidural!