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"Let me start out by saying that Erin is AMAZING!

Although I knew I always wanted to be a mother, the prospect of giving birth scarred me. Watching “The Business of Being Born” and talking to other NYC moms didn’t help either. Many women shared with me their (unsolicited) not so reassuring birth stories. As a type A, born and raised New Yorker, I found pregnancy to be very hard, and sometimes difficult to enjoy because of the everyday stresses of NYC life. I was determined to have a more positive pregnancy, build my confidence in my ability as a woman to rear a child on my own terms and be empowered in my birth. I brought tons of books, I took a good number of classes and I decided to seek out a doula. Of all these things, having Erin as my doula was one of the best investments that we could have ever made.

I’m very much into people’s energies. Erin radiates light! I knew after talking to a few Doulas that Erin was the right match for me. Her passion for women and birth is quite evident and beautiful. Erin is positive, encouraging and thoughtful. She really took the time to get to know my husband and me and was incredible at checking in with me. She constantly sent me information to help me cope with the common pregnancy nuances. Compared to my express 15 minute OB visits; it was wonderful for someone to show that they truly cared about my pregnancy and birth. I never felt like I was just another client.  Erin helped us thoroughly go through our birth preferences, and I felt confident that I was well informed about the potential choices that could arise during labor.

The day I went into labor, Erin trekked to Brooklyn, and was a Godsend! I wanted to labor at home as long as possible, and I don’ think I would have lasted as long as I did without her. As I drove into each wave of a contraction, Erin was right there talking me through it. She was also great at guiding my husband on how to help me as well. As we drove to Manhattan to the hospital, Erin was in the back seat keeping me calm as possible. When we got to the hospital I was 7 cm dilated! After getting an epidural, Erin was great at making sure I was moving while in bed. She setup the room to create a calm space, gave me an amazing foot massage with essential oils and helped me stay hydrated. She was fantastic with interacting with the whole labor and delivery team at Weill Cornell.  A few hours after checking into the hospital (luckily with not a lot of pushing) we welcomed our son. Erin stayed with us many hours after to make sure I transitioned to my recovery room ok. Erin continuously checked in with us postpartum and made sure to remind me that it was also important that I take care of myself.

I had very positive birth experience and I am so grateful to Erin for being part of my birth team and sharing in one of the most amazing experiences of our lives. I not only think of her as our doula but as a friend as well.

I am now an enthusiastic advocate for everyone having a doula as part of their birth experience and I cannot recommend Erin enough!"