What's In My Doula Bag?

So what do I bring to a birth? I'm often asked this question by clients.  Quite honestly, I bring too much! I'm of the belief that I'd rather have more than I need than not have something and need it.  My most used items in my bag are often the smallest.  

Bendy straws are an essential! It is important for moms to stay hydrated during pregnancy and labor.  It is such a small item but can make drinking water easier for laboring women.

My second favorite item to bring are electric tea lights. Hospital lights can be glaring.  To help create a relaxing and inviting space I set up several around the room. There's enough light to see but not enough to take a laboring woman out of her zone.  And we want her in her zone!

To help create an inviting birth space I also bring a bluetooth speaker.  During prenatal visits I encourage clients to create several playlists. You never know what music is really going to get you grooving until that moment.  Making several lists prepares you for the many shifts in labor. Having several upbeat playlists can help bring the mood up during a particularly challenging moment.  Having some quiet and relaxing music can help create the calm and safe space a birthing woman needs.  Music also helps drown out the beeps of the machines and the buzz of the heart rate monitor. I also work with Hypnobirthing clients who often listen to relaxation scripts. 

My bag is overstocked with items I rarely use, but I find comfort in being over prepared in case a client needs something in a moment.  I feel it is part of my job to anticipate her needs and plan accordingly.